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Kusia wood wallet, Slim Minimalist Wallet, Minimalist wallet, Wooden wallet, Credit card holder, boyfriend gift, Add any engraving and Personalized wallet insert card.

Hand-crafted wood wallet. Exotic wood, refined design. Slightly larger than your card, slim and elegant.


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Size and Specifications:
Kusia hard wood

The wallet is made of two pieces of solid wood
Very Slim model / Hold 1-10 cards / Few folded bills
Size: little bit bigger than credit card
Include 1 black rubber band + 1 black extra rubber
Finish: hand polishing, wax and natural oil

Without any doubt it is a wooden piece of art. Style created by the nature itself.
Every item is a genuine masterpiece. No picture can show the beauty of these wood wallet. One touch is all you need to feel the bond with the nature.

  • This slim wallet won't puffs out you pocket.
  • It's a lot more pleasant to hold in your hand than normal wallet.
  • It can contain 1-10 cards and 2-6 cash, but it's so slim that you can put in almost every pocket.
  • The more it rubs in you pocket the more solid the color becomes.
  • Hold your cards straight. Won't crook and damage them like other minimalist leather wallets.

★ Looking for something creative and rare for the people dear to you? Or for yourself ? ★

We designed a perfect present! The best gift:
■ For a birthday
■ Christmas and New Year.
■ For You Boyfriend.
■ A wonderful gift for a groomsman.
■ An ideal present for Father’s day.
■ Any Anniversary.
■ Wedding day or Wooden wedding anniversary.

Your accessory should be personal.
1) Add any engraving (a text or a logo) one or two sides of your wood wallet to make it one-of-a-kind. (on request)
2) Add Wood Wallet Insert engraving card / gift card (on request)
Write a comment to the order if you need an engraving. Specify the name of the font when ordering, our designer will provide sketches for you. Did not find the right font, let us know and we will find the right one for you.
(All engraving on the photo is shown for an example, see more ready engraving work )
Note: logo only vector based no gradient B&W images.

All the items are shipped in a corrugated cardboard pack. This reliable and firm package prevents contents from damage.

Payment and shipping:
All the packages are ready for shipping in 2-5 days after payment. Standard international shipping takes 2-3 business weeks. Expedited shipping takes 7-14 days, costs extra and differs for each country. Contact us to order expedited shipping.

Additional information:
Color of every item may differ (a bit darker or lighter than in the picture). It depends on the wood texture and the season of timber harvesting. Each piece is unique, because it is made of solid wood and the grain is never the same. Every wooden block’s grain is created by the nature, and our craftsmen skillfully handmade a stylish accessory of it within a few hours. Every wood part is made to accentuate individuality of its owner.

We are ready to receive CUSTOM ORDERS. We love doing custom orders, so contact us and we will do our best to get you exactly what you need.

Made deep in the heart of Russia in Wild Siberia (jokes aside) since 2013.

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